comereng - Where to eat

Ok, this is going to be easy and short. Because this is Galicia and here the difficult thing is to choose where to eat.

The wide range of food and drink on offer here owes to the region’s rich land, which produces top-quality products, prepared using traditional procedures which have survived into the modern day.From basic products, such as olive oil, wine and meat, to chestnuts, cherries and honey and more elaborate products such as desserts, bread or liquor, a unique array of flavours can be sampled in any of the region’s many restaurants.

As always, the best source of information (in addition to the well-known websites of recommendations) is the website of the Consorcio de Turismo de la Ribeira Sacra:

And let’s not forget the other regional sport: going out for a glass of wine.

Monforte is the capital of the Ribeira Sacra, that means that Monforte is wine and to go out for a glass of wine is a popular custom. The wines of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra can be enjoyed in any bar or cafeteria in the city, as well as being available in the restaurants. Our wines have a very special character as a result of the fruity grapes and of the unique landscape that reveals itself in the flavours in your glass. Going out for a glass of wine is typical at midday or night when friends or families meet up in bars famous for their home-made tapas and enjoy a delicious glass of Mencía or Godello wine.